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Paris Habitat

100 years of life, 100 years of city

33,25 € 35,00€ (5%) 02 February 2015
Director of publication:
Javier Arpa, architect
with Fernando Altonazo and Sebastián Severino, architects

Graphic design: Sylvain Enguehard

" Paris Habitat. Hundred city years, hundred years of life " is a unique work including a century of new archives (original plans, photo reports, followed by construction site, contemporary looks) to tell the manufacturing of Paris by the accommodation.

In the ring of social housing during the first conversions of offices into housing, large complex of Ile-de-France in the mixed operations of the XXIth century, hundred hectares of green spaces in full earth in the vegetated roofs... the work synthesizes the big implemented themes in 120.000 housing, properties of the biggest service of council houses of Europe, Paris Habitat. Selected through ten territories Parisian and of Ile-de-France measured and been understandable by a team of architects and researchers supervised by Javier Arpa, every building is a summary of urban history.

Towers, bars, buildings in redans or City Halls, closed islands, common ownership courts, weaknesses terraces, balconies simple or double orientation, accommodation of angle passageways, distributions by the inside, the central pits: the heritage of Paris Habitat presents all the typologies of intimacy and urban places of life. Five filters, corresponding to so many possible visions of the city, dense, diverse, intense, fertile, agile, are applied to the analysis of the projects to allow all to arrest their quality with regard to the contemporary stakes. This selection starts resonating with the words of six teams of European architects invited to share this reflection.
When the accommodation is a priority, to reread hundred city years and hundred years of life through the spectre of the heritage of Paris Habitat-OPH offer a great potential for the construction of our buildings of tomorrow.


Edition of Pavillon de l’Arsenal
608 pages, 19 x 30 cm, 500 illustrations, 35 euro 
ISBN : 978-2-35487-027-0

Book only available in french


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