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From Lutece to Big Paris

to understand the urban evolution

Sold out 01 January 2014
Director of publication: Dodos-Ungerer Christine

Pavillon de l'Arsenal launches the first book on the history and the current events of Big Paris intended for the juniors. " From Lutetia to Big Paris " tells in a educational and playful way the great moments of the evolution of Paris and the metropolis, its architectures and the life of its inhabitants.

23 chronological sequences, 200 illustrations colors and numerous games guide the children in the stories, small and big, past and current of the capital. Only, accompanied or in family, this journey in the time so allows all to discover or to rediscover that the Eiffel Tower must be destroyed after the World Fair of 1889, that the very first Parisian skyscraper was built in the 13th district, that there were already traffic jams of the time of Louis XIV, that people lived in houses on bridges in the Middle Ages, that there was a wall around Paris till the beginning of the XXth century, that the station of Les Halles is the most frequented by Europe, … Supervised by Christine Dodos-Ungerer, already author of editorial projects intended for the young audience for the understanding of their living environment, this work inaugurates the junior collection of the publishing of Pavillon de l'Arsenal with the ambition to make discover and understand the city of today with regard to its history.


Exposition of Pavillon de l'Arsenal
23 x 30 cm, 112 pages, 200 illustrations NB and color, 18 euros
ISBN : 978-2-35487-023-2
Book only available in french