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Paris by Night

Night chronicles

Sold out 01 May 2013
Director of publication: Armengaud Marc
Graphic Design: Juamma Gomez (Graphique lab) /Raquel Munoz

“Paris by Night” reveals the city, by day as well as its nocturnal works, a phantom history bathed in darkness, untold and yet consisting of emblematic figures, unique architecture and multiple usages.
“Paris by Night” bases itself on the city’s nocturnal state, a dreamlike, surprising, varied liberated and mysterious state.

From the memorable nights at raves, open-air parties, the street light attendants, to the metro maintenance staff from Paris Royal to the amusement parks, the world fairgrounds to the trade shows, from the drugstores, bowling alleys and cinemas to showrooms, Parisian nights have evolved both in their settings as well as in their context. Aristocrats, hobos, playboys, architects, surrealists, futurists, Apaches, blue and white collar workers, party revelers, spray painters and tourists have all given their own unique definition to the night and allowed it to mirror society in its moment. Two years of research by Marc Armengaud, philosopher and town planner were required to create this exhibition and its accompanying catalogue. Two years were required to fine tune a unique and defining exhibition as well as to map nocturnal Paris, its uses and the opportunities.


Editions of Pavillon de l'ArsenalEditions A. & J. Picard 
19 x 30 - 440 pages ,600 illustrations, unavailable
ISBN : 978-2-7084-0943-9

Book only available in french