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Olympiacs, Paris 13

a contemporary modernity

Sold out 01 February 2013
Director of the work: Moiroux Françoise

40 years after the construction of the first buildings, Pavillon de l'Arsenal returns on the district of the Olympiads and so reports in a plural way half a century rich in architectural thoughts, in controversies, in debates and in public-spirited commitments at the heart of the metropolis, of Paris and of the XIIIth district.

Presented to the General de Gaulle, exposed in the Grand Palais and in the lounges of the City hall in particular, marketed in everyday lives the Team and the France Soir, this exceptional operation, conceived by the architect and the town planner Michel Holley, was at the heart of the reflections and the commitments for modern Paris. It joins in the project Italy XIII, " the vastest company of town planning never tried since Haussmann ". Through the prism of the Olympiads, Françoise Moiroux, historian and scientific commissionner of the exhibition, approaches the questions of the vertical town planning and the architecture on paving stone which are explored in urban, political and social components. Reorganized thanks to the construction of new public equipments and the renovation of the pedestrian accesses to the paving stone, this district about eleven thousand inhabitants turns out a great place of possible. The originality of the Olympiads holds in an audacious original assembly multiplying the programs (housing, businesses, offices, equipments, station) and in a varied residential offer. This big diversity engendered a social, rare mix in this whole size and what the visible unit of the architecture does not inevitably let suspect. Today, the excellent infrastructures of public transportation connect to the main metropolitan poles of Big Paris, in particular with the university district of Paris Rive gauche, and increases its value of centrality. This new reality, as well as the incompletion of the construction of the paving stone in the South, invite to imagine the future. In a scenography, imagined by Aurélien Gillier, who makes a reference to the notions appropriate to the town planning of this time, the visitor is guided in an urban, continuous, thematic narrative and punctuated with historic documents, photos of the construction site, the testimonies videos, original and unpublished drawings of the fund Michel Holley... The original look of the photographer Vincent Fillon also offers a contemporary review on this " urban aircraft-carrier ", since the logistic platform of the Asian business up to the apartments of the " quadrangular fortresses " as describes them Michel Houellebecq.


Editions of Pavillon de l'Arsenal
44 pages ,80 illustrations, 12 euros
ISBN : 9782758004455
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