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new offices/new custom

Sold out 01 November 2012
Scientific conception of the work:
François Bellanger, directeur de Transit City - Urban & Mobile Think tank
Raphaël Ménard, architecte, ingénieur, directeur de la Prospective groupe Egis, co-gérant Elioth
Soline Nivet, architecte dplg, historienne et critique d’architecture Laboratoire Architecture Culture Société (ACS)-ENSA Paris-Malaquais
Catherine Sabbah, journaliste
Cartography and maps: 
Charles Aubertin, Camille Dupont, Hugo Enlart, Samuel Jaubert de Beaujeu, Eva Maloisel, architectes

Greater Paris has over fifty million square meters of office space. Towers, campus lay-outs, renovated buildings and massive reconversions, be they of great renown or perfectly obscure, these places are the architecture of our daily lives.

The book Work In Process – New Offices, New Practices explores emblematic achievements and projects developed since 1900, analyzing the social, environmental, economic and urban issues that they bring into play and drawing up whole new map of Île-de-France.


Editions of Pavillon de l'Arsenal
19 x 30 , 288 pages illustrées, 34 euros
ISBN : 978-2-35487-018-8

Book only available in french 


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