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Paris, a city in the making

Sold out 01 December 2011

The new exbition and its book “Paris, a city in the making” is a timeline retracing the origins of the area, and explaining the common history of the municipalities comprising the metropolitan area so that all visitors are able to understand how the region as we know it came to be. The exhibition is built around a number of landmark themes illustrating how the metropolis was shaped by the needs of agriculture, ornamentation or roadways, and then transformed, adapted and integrated in a process of urban planning that emerged under the influence of demographic, technological, economic and political developments.
(only in french)

First of all, the projects at the water's edge: the Seine, "the founding" river, is the place of all the ambitions today. The reconquest of banks is committed, in Paris and everywhere in Ile-de-France, on the banks of the Seine, of the Marne, of the Oise and of channels.
Then, how builds itself the city: what is there is repaired with attention, as much the former suburbs as the realizations of the modern town planning. And, on new land influences, to Batignolles or in the Parisian northeast, by going back up the Seine of Bercy-Charenton until Ardoines, take shape new landscapes to receive housing, offices, parks and equipments.
You will also discover the projects of transport already committed by communities to improve quickly the metropolitan meshing: they are the new subway stations, streetcar routes, buses in bus lane, the renovation of the RER, the cycle continuities and the new services, as Autolib '.
And finally, the new architectures: the city needs places which stand out and dare architectures illustrating the creativity of their time: the Canopy of Halle, the square of the Republic, but also the tower Utrillo to Clichy Montfermeil, new shopping malls, the Zoo of Vincennes and many of the other projects which you will discover by turning pages


Co-edition : Pavillon de l'Arsenal / Connaissance des arts 
28,5x21,5 cm , 44 pages, 71 illustrations, 9 euros
ISBN : 978-2-75800369-4
Book only available in french