The New Left Bank

«Urban memories» collection, Paris XXIth century"

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Director of publication:
Pierre Assouline, écrivain 
Marc Mimram, Architecte

«Urban memories» collection How has Paris evolved since the beginning of this century? In the face of today’s environmental concerns which have brought about radical changes in our building practices and purposes, how should we treat our architectural heritage? The object of this collection is to rediscover Paris, review this recent history and compare it to today and to highlight its recent developments as well as to take a look at Parisians within the context of today’s city. The works of the “Urban Memories” collection incorporate a writer and an architect who take a critical view the key events of a given community or district human and urban history. The New Left Bank Twenty years ago, rail tracks barred access to the Seine for the inhabitants of the 13th arrondissement. Today, public and cultural infrastructure, housing, office space, gardens and university buildings provide a link between the riverbank and the historic 13th arrondissement. How is an entire neighbourhood created in the space of a few years? Who lives there; who goes there; how do people live there? Pierre Assouline and Marc Mimram provide an insight into this new Paris district which was once a rail yard. Basing themselves on a walk through the area, the architect and writer contemplate on the personal and architectural considerations of this area. The publication was produced in association with SEMPA.


Editions of Pavillon de l'Arsenal Editions A. & J. Picard 
124 pages, 12 x 18 cm, 12 euros

 ISBN : 978-286227-663-2 / 978-2-35487-017-1
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