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History and perspectives

37,05 € 39,00€ (5%) Published in february 2020
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Trafic road traffic, noise pollution, air pollution, globalization of the commercial offer, compartmentalization of spaces and uses, "the most beautiful avenue in the world" is thwarted. Its squares and gardens, deserted by Parisians, must now begin to change and allow everyone to reappropriate this exceptional heritage.

Beyond urban issues, the challenges of the new climate regime must preside over this transformation. The challenges are numerous: reducing the number and intensity of heat islands, making soils more permeable; freeing, unifi er and increasing green spaces; encouraging soft mobility; enhancing the value of existing heritage; building without consuming more; continuing to grow without increasing the environmental debt, inventing new types of financing and partnerships.
The study conducted by the PCA-STREAM agency on the initiative of the Champs-Élysées Committee, involves re-reading the urban and symbolic construction of this territory. It diagnoses it in the light of local issues and contemporary challenges to offer a new vision, based on the collaborative work of a large team of international experts - researchers, historians, economic and cultural actors, artists... The expectations and calculations demonstrate the feasibility of this transformation and, by anticipation, the possible evolution of public and tourist spaces in the metropolises of tomorrow.


Editions Pavillon de l'Arsenal / PCA éditions
Book only available in french 
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Format 25 x 30 cm, 336 pages
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ISBN: 978-2-9540969-9-5