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Capital agricole

chantier pour une ville cultivée

40,85 € 43,00€ (5%) PUBLISHED IN DECEMBER 2020
Book only in French
3rd edition Agricultural Capital - December 2019
Only in French 

Residents of the metropolis have rediscovered agriculture as a way to address growing environmental crises as well as their concerns about their own food and health. However, their idealized vision is often hard to implement, given how contemporary cities are organized and operate.


Editions of the Pavillon de l'Arsenal
under the direction of Augustin Rosenstiehl / SOA
Published by Pavillon de l’Arsenal, Paris
25x30 cm / 488 pages cm  / 43 €
Book only available in french 
ISBN: 978-2-35487-044-7
© Pavillon de l’Arsenal, Paris, 2018