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Mille arbres


8,00 € Published in November 2016
Copublishing B2 / Pavillon de l’Arsenal

Book only in French
Transcript of the conference organised at Pavillon de l’Arsenal on 14 April 2016

The winners of the “Reinventing Paris” call for urban development proposals on the Pershing site in the 17th arrondissement, the architects from the Oxo and Sou Fujimoto team, have designed a new type of mixed building development program for Ogic and the Phalsbourg company. It is the “Thousand trees” project, combining offices, residential units, businesses, activities and early childhood activities, in particular.

The book contains the slightly modified transcript of the Thousand Trees conference, presented by Sou Fujimoto and Manel Rachdi on Thursday 14 April 2016 at the Pavillon de l'Arsenal.

Manal Rachdi (Oxo, Paris) & Sou Fujimoto (Tokyo) are architects.
Preface from Jean-Louis Missika, Deputy Mayor of Paris in charge of urbanism, architecture, projects for "Grand Paris", 
economic development and attractiveness.


Sou Fujimoto & Oxo - Thousand Trees
Copublishing Pavillon de l’Arsenal and Éditions B2, October 2016
10 x 15 cm
84 pages
ISBN : 978-2-36509-060-5
8 euros

Book only available in French