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Iles de la Seine

Exhibition book

Sold out June 2016 Editorship : Milena Charbit, architect 
Graphic design : Pavillon de l'Arsenal 

Little is known about the Seine’s islands. From de Aube river all the way to the sea, there used to be more than 300 islands and nowadays there still is around one hundred of them and they constitute an extraordinary archipelago full of myths, travels, utopias and characters.

During the course of a journey that goes upstream and downstream, the exhibition and the book « Îles de la Seine » explore the river and paint the portrait of thirty odd present or past islands, grandiose at times and at times anecdotal, emphasizing on certain selected chapters of their history. 

With the contribution of : 
Frank Lestringant, pprofessor at Sorbonne University 
Jacques Damade, editor
Isabelle Duhau, Ministry of Culture 
Mathieu Mercuriali, architect
Cédric Libert, architect

Book only available in French 


Pavillon de l'Arsenal's editions, 2016
312 pages 
ISBN : 978-2-35487-034-8
18 euros


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