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forms and fictions of a new city

Sold out 01 June 2015
Director of publication : 
Lionel Engrand, Architecte,
Olivier Millot, Directeur Culture et Territoire, CACP

Graphic Design : Müesli

50 years after the adoption of the program of new towns, this work redraws the history of Cergy-Pontoise, symbolic of this extraordinary urban and human adventure.

How to conceive a city landscape in the XXth century? Who are the founding fathers and the pioneers of this politics of arrangement? What transport for the satellite town? What urban strategies to conceive a city of 200 000 inhabitants? How to encourage from the start the participation citizen? How to pursue the urban development with the environmental ambitions of today? What stakes for the urban area tomorrow? 

So many questions which the work attempts to answer with articles, conversations, focuses on works and symbolic events to redraw fifty years of development of the urban area in a chronological approach which associates the evolution of the modes of governance, the main orientations in term of urban strategies, economic development and social ambitions.


Exclusive edition and distribution Pavillon de l’Arsenal
304 pages, 19 x 30 cm, 28 euros 
ISBN : 978-2-354-487-031-7 

Book only available in french