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L'art des sentiers métropolitains

Sold out 08 July 2020
Book only in French

Over the past 20 years, long-distance walking itineraries in urban and suburban environments have emerged successively in Bordeaux, Milan, Marseille, Paris, Istanbul, London, Tunis, Avignon, Toulon, Liège, Charleroi, Cologne, Athens, Boston...

Inheriting artistic approaches, metropolitan pathways are perennial facilities that claim an urban planning dimension. These collective works of urban planning craftsmanship are created by those who draw, produce, photograph, survey and tell their stories.
Alongside other social movements - such as urban agriculture or transitional urban planning - metropolitan hiking is changing our ways of living. By allowing us to reconnect with the physical space at the epicenter of the ecological crisis, these trails contribute to imagining the post-oil city.


Book only available in french 

Editions du Pavillon de l'Arsenal, July 2020
Under the direction of the co-founders of the Agence des sentiers métropolitains :
Baptiste Lanaspèze, founder of the Wildproject publishing house and initiator of the GR2013
Paul-Hervé Lavessière, urban planner and author
ISBN: 978-2-35487-055-3
Format: 17.5 x 25 cm / 54 pages
Price: 13 €