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25 apartments and 2 nursery

published in april 2021 Client : RIVP
Architect : Armand Nouvet architecte

The construction is a thin volume of coloured concrete. It lets the green spaces "slide" on the side of the building in order to free up a 930 m2 courtyard and thus highlight the preeminence of the landscaped elements.

Inscribed on the street at the base of the building and, on the courtyard, in a projection deploying a fully glazed wooden structure, the volume of the two crèches is clearly identified. By optimizing and pooling as many elements as possible, the two crèches correspond to each other so as to constitute a single public building.
On the upper levels, the tapered volume of the apartment building provides daylight for all the rooms, including the bathrooms and the stairwell. All the facades adopt the same architectural register, with no notion of a secondary façade. One single window detail among which the winter gardens of the large corner apartements are inserted, inducing a more spacious perception of the living space and flexible uses.


Client : RIVP
Architect : Armand Nouvet architecte
Structures engineer : Batiserf
Building physics : Espace Temps
Cost consultant : bmF
Collective kitchen : Arwytec
Preventionist : Batiss
Acoustician : ITAC
Main contractor : AMT
Collective kitchen contractor : Le Froid Bornet
Landscape contractor: Universal Paysage
Grond floor area : 3765 m2 SP (housing 2130 m2, crèches 1635 m2)
Certifications : Plan Climat de la Ville de Paris, Effinergie +, NF Habitat HQE