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Users of the web site recognizes to have the competence and the necessary means to reach and use this web site. According to the law of January 6th, 1978 relative to computing, files and liberties, this Web site was the object of a statement with CNIL (NATIONAL COMMISSION FOR INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY AND CIVIL LIBERTIES). The Web on-site users have to respect statutory provisions relative to the computing, to the files and to the liberties, the violation of which is liable to penalties. They have to refrain in particular, as regards name specific information which they reach, of any collection, any diverted use and generally speaking, any act susceptible to infringe on privacy or in the reputation of the people.

Pavillon de l'Arsenal gives users information and available and verified tools, but not hold responsibility for errors or for unavailability of certain information. We thank the users of the site for announcing of possible omissions, errors or corrections, by sending an email to the webmaster of the site.

Our objective is to spread exact and up-to-date information. We shall try hard to correct the errors which will be indicated to us.

The information of the present site: 
Are exclusively of general nature and do not aim at the particular situation of a natural or legal entity;
Are not inevitably complete, exhaustive, exact or up to date;
Sometimes send back to outer sites on which Pavillon de l'Arsenal has no control and for whom it disclaims all liability;
Do not establish a professional or legal opinion as such.

We wish to limit as far as possible the inconveniences caused by technical errors. However, certain data or present information on our site can not have been created or not structured in files or formats exempt from errors, and we cannot guarantee that our service will not be interrupted or not otherwise affected by such problems.Pavillon de l'Arsenal disclaims all liability towards similar inconveniences which can result from a use of this site or from quite different site outside to which it sends back.

The present clause of non-responsibility does not aim at limiting the responsibility of Pavillon de l'Arsenal for its legal obligations.

The general structure, as well as the software, the texts, the moving pictures or basic salaries, sounds, know-how, drawings, graphics and all other elements making up this Web site are of the exclusive use of Pavillon de l'Arsenal. Any total or partial representation of this site, by some processes whether they are, without express authorization of Pavillon de l'Arsenal, is forbidden and would establish a forgery sanctioned by articles L335-2 and following ones of the Code of the intellectual property. Hypertext links set up within the framework of the present Web site in the direction of other present resources on the internet network, would not know how to engage the responsibility of Pavillon de l'Arsenal. The users and the visitors of the Web site cannot set up a hyperlink in the direction of this site without the express authorization and the prerequisite of Pavillon de l'Arsenal.

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With conformity with the statutory provisions of January 6th, 1978 relative to the computing, to the files and to the liberties, the treatment automated by the name specific data realized from this Web site was the object of a statement with CNIL (NATIONAL COMMISSION FOR INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY AND CIVIL LIBERTIES). This site collects no other datum that IP addresses intended for a purely technical use, necessary for the production of statistics of consultation. The mails and the documents received or sent by means of the electronic mail are kept(preserved) during a duration of one year and are then protected.

The use of this Web site is governed by the French law with the exception of quite different legislation.

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