The Japanese Cultural Center in Paris

This competition was organized to choose from different schemes for construction of the Japanese Cultural Center in Paris.

The Japanese Cultural Center had to be integrated into an environment that was particularly demanding from a cultural viewpoint. Apart from its role of presenting past and present Japan, its aim was to facilitate the widest possible range of economic, scientific and cultural exchanges.

The exhibition, which presented all the competition schemes, paying tribute to the architects' work, enabled visitors to analyse in detail the approach taken by each of the competition entrants.

Therefore it corresponded completely to the purpose of the Pavillon de l'Arsenal, which is to facilitate understanding of contemporary architecture by a wide section of the public.


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Created by
Pavillon de l'Arsenal
Exhibition Dates
9/1990 > 11/1990
Scientific Curator(s)
. XAVIER GONZALEZ, architecte, enseignant
. XAVIER GONZALEZ, architecte, enseignant

A book was published to accompany this exhibition.

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