30 architectural contests for the construction of new housing in Paris

The Pavillon de l’Arsenal’s annual appearance of “Housing 2011” is the outcome of all architectural contests for the construction of new housing in Paris. With more than 120 proposals, architects and builders envision the “Housing” of tomorrow.

These projects offer a large panorama of inventions and ingenuity in response to a myriad of urban situations as well as a variety of programs regarding the parisian “climate plan”. Forcibly, each building attests to strong engagement from the conception for an environmental approach as much as for the usage of technical systems (geothermal foundations, garden rooftops, solar panels for the production of sanitary hot water,...) as for the design itself. Often mixed, these constructions in progress come with a gym, a cultural center, a library, a nursery, and an activities center or a place where inhabitants of those housings, foyers, and residential areas meet in order to address expectations of those who have been there as well as those who arrive.

Attentive to the aspirations of future inhabitants, hundreds of invited architects and international teams-- both up-and-coming and established-- imagine a new quality of living paying particular attention to new behaviors. The ground floor is furnished to conform to new collective usages. Courtyards are fitted to current mobility and are planted. The majority of lodgings benefit from double or even triple orientation, and are equipped with large balconies or loggias in search of the pleasure of living.

Through plans, computer generated images and models, “Housing 2011” presents more than 3000 lodgings in progress in Paris. The results of these 40 architectural contests for the construction, the renovation, and the rehabilitation of lodgings bear witness to the ambition and to the engagement of public and private builders, whose purpose is to respond to the strong demand of housing that accommodates to both environmentalist preoccupations and architectural expectations.
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