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A retrospective metropolitan

46,55 € 49,00€ (5%) 02 May 2011
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Lionel Engrand, architecte 
Soline Nivet, architecte

Opened in December 1988, the Pavillon de l’Arsenal, the first European municipal centre for architecture and urban design is reviewing the decade preceding its creation.

What sort of legacy has the 1980’s left to Paris and its surrounding area? What happened between the 600 counter proposals offered for Les Halles and the competition for the National Library of France? Starting from post modern controversy to the bicentenary of the French Revolution, what did we do with our city thirty years ago?


Editions of Pavillon de l'Arsenal
360 pages ,19 x 30 cm, environ 1000 illustrations
ISBN : 978-2-35487-015-7 / 978-2-7084-0894-4

Book only available in french 


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