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History of the building

Pavillon de l'Arsenal, opened in December, 1988, is in the historic heart of Paris, just a step from the Bastille, just a step from the Swamp and just a step from the Seine. In the border of the former district which sheltered the Arsenal of King, factory of gunpowder, he is situated on the former island Louviers.

A small arm of the Seine separated the island of the e-mail of the Arsenal, the first Parisian standing e-mail under Henri IV. In 1843, the island was connected with the right bank of Paris by the filling of the small arm of the Seine, become today boulevard Morland.

The building was built according to the plans of the architect Clément in 1878-1879 at the request of a private individual. Laurent-Louis Borniche ( 1801-1883 ), former wood dealer installed on the island Louviers, big amateur of painting, made build that he wanted to be a " popular museum ", to present his collection, of about 2000 paintings. In her death, in 1883, her daughter sold paintings(boards) and rented the building to the society of pastas Rivoire and Carret. It became afterward counter of sale of alcohol, restaurant … Become an owner of the place in 1922, the Samaritan installed in 1931 her clothing workshops there, then the City went buyer in 1954 and keptarchives there.

Rehabilitated by the architects Bernard Reichen and Philippe Robert, this characteristic building of the architecture of the end of the nighteenth century finds finally, in the opening of Pavillon de l'Arsenal, its first destination.