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Pavillon de l'Arsenal

The first European place where the arrangement of the city and its architectural realisations are available to everyone.

Created in 1988 the Pavillon de l’Arsenal is the centre for information, documentation and exhibition for urban planning and architecture of Paris and the parisian Metropolis. It is a unique place, where information concerning urban development and architectural realisations in Paris and the Metropolis is available to everyone.

As urban issues are in the heart of current debates, it is essential to present these questions in an attractive and pedagogic way, to allow citizens to be in the middle of the process of architectural and urban creations.

The main activities of the Pavillon de l’Arsenal are to exhibit Parisian and metropolitan architecture and urban-planning; to give visitors the most accurate documentation possible; to publish reference books on topics affecting the day-to-day life of Parisians and to provide a forum for the individuals and authorities involved in shaping the city.

The Pavillon de l’Arsenal aims to allow a large public to understand the evolution of Paris and its projects. In order to preserve the balance of the Parisian cityscape, today’s planners must use an urbanism centred on proximity issues involving dialogue and concerted actions.
Our key missions are to explain the “architecture” of the city, its development over the centuries, its present state and prospects for the future as well as to present the urban expertise of Paris, its architects and contractors to foreign visitors.

Every year, the Pavillon de l'Arsenal proposes ...
- 30 thematic exhibitions  
10 publications 
- 70 conferences
- 300 guided tours of the exhibitions
- 150 lessons and worshops

and welcome ...
- 50 foreign delegations
- 8000 children
- 200.000 visitors


Pavillon de l'Arsenal is an association law 1901.